Hand Exercise & Grip Mechanics

Hand exercise Hand Health & Grip Mechanics

Hand exercise & Hand Health is poorly understood

It is important to understand grip mechanics. The health of your fingers, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel & elbow depends on it!

But the mechanics of grip are largely unknown, even in professional circles. The proof of this statement is shown by the popularity of traditional ‘grip-only’ hand exercisers, even to this day. We all grew up thinking hand exercise was ONLY a closing motion. Yet, grip mechanics can be easily shown on sEMG (surface electromyography), proving that grip is a co-contraction This means that when gripping any object, our hand opening (extensor) muscles AND our hand closing (flexor) muscles CONTRACT TOGETHER. Unfortunately, the finger extensor muscles contract in ONE static position, while the flexor muscles close fully. The extensors are never fully opened during repetitive grip. The result is a chronic muscle imbalance of the hand muscles that affects the fingers, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel & elbow. Hand opening & spreading muscles have been neglected in hand exercise and MUST be trained.

We designed Handmaster Plus to address the complete health needs of the hand. One easy, convenient hand exercise strengthens the 9 muscles that close the hand, as well as the 9 muscles that open the hand – resulting in strength, stability, circulation and maximum hand health.

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