The Story of Handmaster Plus

My name is Dr. Terry Zachary. I am the developer of Handmaster Plus. To follow is the story of Handmaster Plus. It is an important story for everyone, because it is about dreams.
In the fall of 1988, my radiology professor, Dr. Percuoco, assigned me an away-from-class project: Compare tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) vs. golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis) as an assignment during a college golf trip (for which I was being excused from class). In my report, I presented the same old symptomatic differences that most anyone would (and still does today, IMO)… but I remember thinking… ‘These conditions are caused by the same underlying imbalance: flexor vs. extensor imbalance. Geez, can’t anyone see this? ‘
In October of 1992, my father passed away and it shook me to the core. It made me realize that this life does not go on forever. By this time, I was in private practise… and I was loving it. But I had unfinished business on a different love. The dream of professional golf.
You see, I love golf. And as a youth, I seriously heard a voice inside me say, “This is your life.” That voice always helped me through pressure packed situations. It gave me direction and confidence.
My college and amateur golf careers had many successes, but upon college graduation,  ‘the real world’ had called. I had found a profession that I loved (health care) and all was good. When my Dad passed, that deep voice called loudly again. That dream called again.
In 1994, I decided to take time from practise and pursue the somewhat risky career as a professional golfer. I began travelling with other professional golfers who had that same idea.
I soon found out that many of these professional golfers had developed (or were developing) preventable hand, wrist, carpal tunnel and elbow conditions (especially tennis elbow, which I knew well) due to repetitive gripping. When I interviewed them about how they trained their hand muscles, they gave inevitably 1 of 2 answers: They did: 1) nothing, or 2) exercises on a  ‘grip-only’ devices (usually a squeeze ball or spring loaded gripper). From treating hand muscle imbalance in my practise, I assumed professional golfers would have more knowledge of basic grip mechanics (flexors & extensors). I mean, this is a grip dependent sport! And didn’t they know about Ken Venturi having to quit golf because of carpal tunnel syndrome? The reality was… they knew near nothing about the vital hand muscles.
None – I mean ZERO – of the professional golfers I interviewed (back then) knew anything about the ‘hand-opening’ muscles, so I used an elastic band to help players strengthen these muscles. But (from practise) I knew the elastic band would eventually slip off when the hand was fully opened.
Thus, during each tour stop in each city, I would look for an item that would strengthen the hand-opening muscles properly… through full, natural ranges of motion. I found nothing.
Over the next 2 years, not only did I compete and pursue my dream of becoming a PGA tour professional, but I become acutely aware of the need to re-educate and solve the shortcomings of this non-savvy gripping golf market. I began to work on what is now Handmaster Plus.
As you may suspect, I did not make the PGA Tour, but the path of following my golf dreams (both golf and health) brought me to a satisfaction that may not have been possible through my own golf goals.
My company (doczac Enterprises Inc) now makes Handmaster Plus in a soft, medium and firm strength. We have since discovered the need for so many more applications for hand muscle balance and blood flow. We have helped so many people in the past 20 years. Not only do we help grip athletes to reach their goals, we also help musicians, people who sew and use computers, people who are rehabbing from surgery and injury, people who have suffered a stroke, or developed arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis/golfer’s elbow, and many other RSI’s, etc.. the list goes on.
My dream continues to be a dream to live. And I now know that all dreams should lead to one thing: service to others. Handmaster Plus solves a core grip imbalance and rehabilitation problem that is common with so many, whether they know it or not. Handmaster Plus is easy-to-use and super effective, but most of all, it is complete. I used to give my patients 4 or 5 separate exercises that they would rarely remember – and even more rarely do. Everyone should know why it was developed.
I followed my dreams and it lead me to helping others- and to being an inventor and innovator.
I hope you choose Handmaster Plus to maximize your performance and wellness!
Dr. Terry Zachary

Why Handmaster Plus?

For the past 30 years, ‘grip-only’ finger, thumb and hand strengthening equipment (i.e. coiled & spring-loaded grippers, grip rings, stress balls, etc.) have been the dominant grip training choice. Yet these items are incomplete mechanically, strengthening ONLY the muscles (9) that close the hand, leaving the user open to chronic repetitive grip imbalance, weakness, cramping and joint instability. The classic ‘rice-box’ was an excellent exercise as it successfully brought strength AND balance to the muscles of the hand, wrist, carpal tunnel & elbow, but it was TOO BULKY TO CARRY AROUND! ‘Elastic bands & exercise putty’ do not allow full range of motion (ROM) training… and are inconvenient, messy & time consuming to reposition and reload.

Handmaster Plus easily combines the mechanics of strength and balance in one complete, convenient, easy to understand hand exerciser. The result is tissue health, joint stability and diverse circulation.

“I saw too many repetitive gripping and RSI injuries in my practice and on tour. I looked everywhere in every tour stop but couldn’t find a hand exercise device that delivered maximum grip strength – while still keeping in mind the importance of muscle balance. Over the next 2 years, I designed and developed Handmaster Plus while travelling with professional golfers. It’s not well-known that the 9 muscles that OPEN the hand FULLY ASSIST the 9 muscles that close the hand in regard to strength, speed and performance, as well as in finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm and elbow health and stability. Handmaster Plus training EASILY ensures strength, speed, muscle balance, blood flow and joint stability.”

~Dr. Terry Zachary (Health care professional, inventor & former touring golf professional)