Medium Handmaster Plus

hand & finger strength exercisemed HC

Handmaster Plus Medium makes performance training, hand muscle strengthening and general wellness simple. If you use your hands to grip or grasp in sport, musical pursuit, workplace or hobby, hand muscle imbalance is a given, not a maybe – and your health & performance is at risk. Handmaster Plus Medium is perfect for late stage exercise rehabilitation of all finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm & elbow conditions and is is your super-easy hand strength training, performance and balance solution in:

  • Sports
  • Music
  • Workplace Ergonomics
  • Computers
  • Smartphone & Video Games
  • Hobby

Firm Handmaster Plus

firm HCfirm HO

Your advanced hand muscle grip strengthening and balancing solution specifically for individuals who desire another step beyond Handmaster Plus Medium. But first be sure to be able to use Handmaster Plus Medium easily through FULL ranges of motion (hand closes and opens FULLY alternating 1 second each) for one minute without pain or fatigue before advancing to Handmaster Plus Firm.
Professionally recommended for advanced hand grip strength and finger exercise training in: Sports, Music, Fitness and Workplace.

Soft Handmaster Plus

soft HCsoft HO

Handmaster Plus Soft makes entry-level finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel and elbow training easy, enjoyable & controlled, providing a convenient, complete & cost-effective take-home exercise for both patient & health care professional.
Perfect for general weakness, workplace injury prevention & early stage exercise rehabilitation of all finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel & elbow conditions including:

  • RSI & carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tennis elbow / golfer’s elbow
  • Sprains, strains, bruises & jams
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Arthritis / osteoporosis
  • Stroke, RSD & neurological concerns
  • Diabetes, Raynaud’s & circulatory concerns

Kris Buxenbaum (Movement Specialist)

“I can’t praise this product enough! As a motor learning/movement specialist I find this product helps my clients identify a lot of “sleeping” muscles and return them into the kinetic chain while achieving muscular balance, and alleviating pain. I will keep you up to date on client results…I’m a fan…”
– Kris Buxenbaum, Strivers Fitness – Manhattan, NY

Jim Karn (Elite Climber)

Climbers typically have overdeveloped flexor muscles and underdeveloped extensors. The Handmaster Plus hand strengthening device is the only product I have ever seen that effectively balances the muscles of the hand, wrist and forearm to rehabilitate or prevent these injuries. The Handmaster Plus is an essential tool for serious climbers.”
-Jim Karn, Multiple U.S. National Climbing Champion

Vanessa Anderson (Chiropractor)

“The Handmaster Plus hand therapy device is simple to use, easy to explain and affordable to anyone. My patients love it. They take it home with them…and they actually use it! I recommend it to everyone to keep their hands, wrists, carpal tunnels and elbows balanced, healthy and feeling great.”
-Dr. Vanessa Anderson, (chiropractor) Moline, IL USA