Hand Grip Exercises Made Simple Using Handmaster Plus

The proper training of the 18 hand muscles can only be done one way – the right way! Hand grip exercises must simply be done through full, natural, 3-dimensional ranges of motion – with resistance. Simple, right? Don’t be so sure. So why are finger and hand exercises traditionally done poorly?
In the old days – before we developed Handmaster Plus – strengthening the 18 hand muscles was not just difficult, it was nearly impossible. Most hand grip strengtheners focused only on the 9 hand closing muscles leaving the trainer, therapist or athlete/musician on their own to strengthen the 9 muscles that open the hand… if they even knew to do so! The forced use of putty and elastic bands was messy, time-consuming, and confusing… and would still not be through full, natural, 3-dimensional ranges of motion! Web products did not mimic natural, 3-dimensional resistance. Rice-boxes weree too bulky and awkward for convenient mobile hand grip exercise.
When I trained athletes, workers and musicians for proper hand, finger and hand balance and grip strength, I used 4 separate exercises. It was hard enough to have a patient do one hand exercise, let alone 4… inevitably most would not comply, and their true goals would be be met. Sad, but understandable to some extent.
Today, finger strengthening and balance have never been more important. Our dependence on cell phones, smartphones and computers is a reality. Who doesn’t participate in in some sort of grip related workplace, activity, hobby or exercise. Hand grip exercise is a must as part of a healthy, modern lifestyle. Handmaster Plus makes this vital training area super-easy to address.
View our attached 6 second VINE video and decide if you still have an excuse not the be your best in the category of hand and grip strength and performance.

What is your excuse for not having strong and balanced fingers, thumbs, hands, wrists, carpal tunnels and elbows. Let us know if you have any questions regarding upper extremity performance (info@doczac.com). It is our passion! We have been leading the way in hand training and muscles pattern analysis for over 15 years.
Be healthy healthy, be strong. Be your best!