Dr. Terry Zachary is the former professional golfer & sports chiropractor who designed Handmaster Plus…
He responded to seeing grip athletes constantly developing weakness & injuries due to one of two training problems:

  • ‘NO hand exercise’
  • ‘Squeeze-Only’ hand exercise

Since then, Dr. Zachary has worked with athletes, musicians, esport

athletes, computer workers, grip workers & hobbyists of all kinds to

solidify their grip and hand performance.

Millions of Balls Have Already Been Sold!

Feel for yourself what all of the FUSS is about!

Dr. Zachary determined that there are 27 grip muscles.
(Most people don’t even strengthen 9 of them correctly!)

Feel what it’s like to strengthen ALL of your grip muscles FULLY
In one easy, continuous exercise!

Try the NEW ‘Figure 8 Exercise!’

Handmaster Plus strengthens:

  • the 9 muscles that close the hand
  • the 9 muscles that open the hand
  • the 9 muscles that support the hand

All in one easy, continuous exercise!

No other grip strengthening exercise comes close!

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  • Did you know that strengthening your grip properly improves circulation?
  • Did you know that proper hand exercise strengthens the fingers, thumbs, hands, wrists, carpal tunnels, forearms & elbows?
  • Did you know that grip strength determines life longevity?

What the Experts Say

“The Handmaster Plus is an essential piece of apparatus. It universally addresses the intrinsic muscles of the hand and forearm. It is a valuable tool for any physiotherapy practice.”

Alex McKechnie, MCSP, MCPA (physiotherapist)
Master Trainer & developer of Reebok Coreboard, Toronto Raptors Medical Staff

“Strong and balanced hands provide a huge performance advantage to hockey players of any level. Handmaster Plus is the most complete and effective hand exercise device that I have ever used.”

Trevor Linden, former Professional Hockey Player, Vancouver Canucks

“Climbers typically have overdeveloped flexor muscles and underdeveloped extensors. The Handmaster Plus is the only device I have ever seen that effectively balances the muscles of the hand, wrist and forearm to prevent these injuries. The Handmaster Plus is an essential tool for serious climbers.”

Jim Karne, Multiple U.S. National Climbing Champion

“Repetitive flexion imbalances and injuries are an inherent part of our sport. Dr. Zachary gives us a magnificent solution to this problem with the Handmaster Plus. It is super-effective and was so easy to incorporate into my training.”

Ross “Rosco” Halcrow, Trimmer, Team New Zealand America’s Cup Champions 1995; Illbruck, 2002 Volvo Race Round the World Champions, 2010 Americas Cup Champion Team Member

“We’ve looked at all of the hand strengthening products on the market and this (Handmaster Plus) is by far the best.”

Dr. Sandy MacLeod, “Body Talk”, QR77 (AM770) Calgary, AB

“The Handmaster Plus does what it says. It provides resistance to all reciprocal muscles groups of the hand through a full range of motion. Great idea.”

Dr. Don Piche, Chiropractor Traverse City, MI, USA

“My hands are my business. I have not seen a better product for complete hand strengthening than Handmaster Plus. I have noticed a great improvement in my hand strength and stamina.”

Darren Griff, professional golfer, Nanaimo, Canada

“The risk of personal injury is always a concern to the musician. In my experience, the use of the Handmaster Plus has lowered the risk while increasing my muscle control. In turn, muscle control has given me the important benefit of radically improving my speed, stretch and accuracy. I would strongly recommend the Handmaster Plus to any musician seeking the ultimate performance.”

Jennifer Ryan, entertainer/piano instructor, Vancouver, Canada

“My old wrist fracture has never healed properly. Since using the Handmaster Plus, I can now move my hand and wrist through a full range of motion, which I have not been able to do since before I broke it”.

Paul O’Shaughnessy, (furniture builder & reno) Surrey, Canada