Finger and Hand Exercises for Osteoarthritis

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Regain Your Hand Strength & Range of Motion

Many people with osteoarthritis are instructed by so-called experts to exercise the hand in a grip-only approach to regain back blood flow and muscle loss. Unfortunately grip-only habits may have contributed to their arthritic condition in the first place. This is the reason we often say that stress balls (grip balls) cause stress. The natural motion of the hand is fully open and spread, and fully closed. If you want an effective exercise to combat arthritis, move the hand through its full range of motion. First start without Handmaster Plus. If that is too easy, move to Handmaster Plus SOFT, next (if necessary) Handmaster Plus MEDIUM.

Fundamentals of the Handmaster PLUS

Handmaster Plus allows the hand, fingers and thumb to move through through their full natural, 3-dimensional range of motion resulting is best case scenario blood flow improvements, in turn creating maximum repair and restoration.

The Science Behind It

Full range of motion exercises stimulate blood flow and can help you restore and maintain function in your arthritic hands. This will help with pinching, opening jars, opening doors, and carrying. With our product being rated #1 in the market, you can feel confident now knowing there is a safe, complete, controlled solution to your osteoarthritis. Be sure to contact your health care professional before starting Handmaster Plus… start without resistance, then move to SOFT, the move to MEDIUM, if necessary

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Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts – Easy Finger, Thumb, Hand & Wrist Rehabilitation

Proper attention to finger, thumb, hand and wrist training is omitted in a lot of athletic training programs in grip related sports… but in contact sports, this training IS essential. ‘Training’ means training for everything: strength, wellness, balance, ROM (range of motion), blood flow, injury rehabilitation (both old and new) and injury prevention.

Boxing, hand, Rehabilitation, Finger, MMA, Mixed Martial Arts

Boxing finger, Thumb & Hand Rehabilitation Made Simple Using Handmaster Plus

Boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts) are two disciplines that cannot afford to leave finger, thumb, hand & wrist training out. Nagging, distracting old injuries are commonplace during training between fights. Advanced healing is essential so that old injuries do not show their face at the worst time… at a competition or in final preparation for a competition. That is why full ROM finger, thumb, hand and wrist training is essential for strength, balance, blood flow and maximum healing throughout the year for a boxer or MMA athlete. Grip-only, small ROM training is just not enough. Why stimulate such a small number of muscles through such a small ROM? Traditionally, ‘grip-only’ hand exercise and strength training has been accepted… but now we know more. The gig is up. Small ROM means muscle weakness and imbalance; and poor blood flow needed for continual repair of bones, ligament and soft tissue.

When I first started training athletes for proper grip, I used multiple exercises to address the 18 hand muscles (9 muscles close the hand, 9 muscles open the hand), but the athletes just wouldn’t comply. So many exercises…so little time! I designed Handmaster Plus so that all athletes can train all 18 hand muscles through full ROM’s in ONE easy exercise. No more excuses for not being your best where the fingers, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel and elbow are involved. Pretty amazing that this area is not a huge focus when the difference between a win and a loss can be determined by such a easy prep error.

We now work with boxers and MMA athletes around the world as their source for hand exercise, health, strength, wellness maintenance and old injury rehabilitation. Tomi Tatham is on his way back into the ring. Let your boxer or MMA fighter know that easy, complete rehabilitation and strengthening help is readily and conveniently available.

Dr. Terry Zachary is the developer of Handmaster Plus and is passionate about proper, balanced training and maximum performance using natural fundamental laws. Handmaster Plus strengthens the 9 muscles that close the hand as well as the 9 muscles that open the hand through full, natural ROM’s… all in one easy, complete exercise.



Hand Grip Exercises Made Simple Using Handmaster Plus

The proper training of the 18 hand muscles can only be done one way – the right way! Hand grip exercises must simply be done through full, natural, 3-dimensional ranges of motion – with resistance. Simple, right? Don’t be so sure. So why are finger and hand exercises traditionally done poorly?
In the old days – before we developed Handmaster Plus – strengthening the 18 hand muscles was not just difficult, it was nearly impossible. Most hand grip strengtheners focused only on the 9 hand closing muscles leaving the trainer, therapist or athlete/musician on their own to strengthen the 9 muscles that open the hand… if they even knew to do so! The forced use of putty and elastic bands was messy, time-consuming, and confusing… and would still not be through full, natural, 3-dimensional ranges of motion! Web products did not mimic natural, 3-dimensional resistance. Rice-boxes weree too bulky and awkward for convenient mobile hand grip exercise.
When I trained athletes, workers and musicians for proper hand, finger and hand balance and grip strength, I used 4 separate exercises. It was hard enough to have a patient do one hand exercise, let alone 4… inevitably most would not comply, and their true goals would be be met. Sad, but understandable to some extent.
Today, finger strengthening and balance have never been more important. Our dependence on cell phones, smartphones and computers is a reality. Who doesn’t participate in in some sort of grip related workplace, activity, hobby or exercise. Hand grip exercise is a must as part of a healthy, modern lifestyle. Handmaster Plus makes this vital training area super-easy to address.
View our attached 6 second VINE video and decide if you still have an excuse not the be your best in the category of hand and grip strength and performance.

What is your excuse for not having strong and balanced fingers, thumbs, hands, wrists, carpal tunnels and elbows. Let us know if you have any questions regarding upper extremity performance ( It is our passion! We have been leading the way in hand training and muscles pattern analysis for over 15 years.
Be healthy healthy, be strong. Be your best!

Hand Exercise Neglect – A Convenience Issue?

January 31, 2014

When I first started thinking about hand exercise, I was as a young athlete growing up in my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. My early sports loves were hockey and golf. In fact they still are. And both were very much grip related sports. I had to learn about hand exercise. I have since added personal interests in the grip-related activities of music, ergonomics and rehabilitation.

Back in the day, grip-only hand exercise was all I knew. Spring loaded hand grippers and squeeze balls (especially racquet balls) for me did the trick. They really seemed to work well. And man, they were easy to do! Squeeze, relax, squeeze, relax… repeat… repeat. Strong hands were on their way. Easy Peasy! Right? Right!

Later in life I became more deeply enthralled with learning about muscle training and balance, not only in the hand, but in the rest of the body. As a health care professional in training, I was taught to think outside the box and question any health or fitness habit or belief. And I did. And I still do. At the very least, this strategy has helped me learn well… and at the most, this approach really has helped me to see many misunderstandings – frankly, folklore – in our health and fitness systems. There is a lot of poor advice that we have come to accept as fact. Be careful.

One of the great folklore categories was hand exercise. 18 hand muscles affect the working of the hand itself and only 9 of those are involved in the direct closing of the hand. Grip-only hand exercise was not only not the way to train, it could lead to debilitating muscle imbalance and joint instability. Simple anatomy. No chance for controversy. Hand grip is a co-contraction between the flexor and extensor muscles of the hand. Wanna be your best? Gotta train them all. All 18. In balance. No question. Carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis, cramping, fatigue, weakness, numbness, adhesions… all can have the base cause of hand muscle imbalance.

My love for hockey and golf later placed me in the spotlight as an adviser for grip mechanics to many athletes and musicians, and my advice did not often thrill them. Balls & elastic bands would be necessary to properly train their hand muscles… and I taught them that in no uncertain terms, proper hand muscle training would be the key to stabilize the hand, as well as wrist, carpal tunnel & elbow. Two items and multiple exercises later, they were burdened with trying to get this all done. I bet they wish they had never learned the details, because the program I gave them was unreasonably time consuming… and as a result, few really complied.

I knew that to train people properly, complete hand exercise would have to be simplified to a point that anyone could understand it and anyone could do it. This path has been a blessing because Handmaster Plus was developed through these failures, experiences and challenges. And we are now helping people strengthen the 9 muscles that close the hand AND the 9 muscles that open the hand in one simple exercise… around the world. It’s now just as convenient to train the hands properly as it was in the day where I only used a racquet ball only.

Convenient and complete hand exercise. That’s good news for athletes, musicians, ergonomics and therapy. But if you won’t train your hand properly nowadays, it’s your own fault. Handmaster Plus makes it so easy.

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Hand Exercise & Finger Extensors

January 30, 2014

Hand exercise (and hand exercisers) has neglected the value of strengthening the finger extensors for the past 40 years. Has this been a grave mistake? I think so. And our sEMG (electromyography) studies prove it over and over again.

We know a lot more about the coordination of the body nowadays – as well as the existence of some very real and intricate kinetic chains – than we did 30 years ago. So why then, when it comes to hand exercise training, are we stuck in the dark ages? We seem to have ignored all that we have learned about the body when it comes to addressing the hands, more specifically the extensor muscles of the hand.

Hand exercise illustrating extension

Hand exercise – finger extensors

Kinetic chains are observed when coordinated – though traditionally seemingly unrelated – body areas are enacted in perfect synchronicity to ensure that a desired action takes place. Usually there is a more ‘core’ type muscle fire followed in synchronicity by more peripheral type muscle firings. Or depending on the action needed the firing maybe reactive and the firing basically occurs backwards.

Indeed the body does not waste effort or form by design. We must try our best to observe the wonder of our own nature to understand why these thumb and finger extensor muscles (and abductor muscles) exist and what they actually do.

Handmaster Plus of course addresses the finger extensor muscles through full, natural 3-dimensional ranges of motion. So why do we stand out so much from the norm of hand exercise to do this? Refer to the sEMG muscle fire pattern chart below to understand:

Hand exercise - extensor & flexor muscles

Hand exercise muscle pattern

Notice how the finger extensor muscles contract just as much as the finger flexor muscles during this example of a hockey slap shot? The finger extensor muscles are very active ‘in support’ of the finger flexor muscles, even though the lay person might think this action was dependent only on the finger flexor muscles. No. Both are key. A standard co-contraction that we see on all grip activities. And note that repetitive grip is a daily feature in nearly all of our lives, especially NOW with our dependence on smartphones. We’d better learn now about the grip muscles and proper health and hand exercise!

So why then are the finger extensor muscles a problem you might ask? If we use them all of the time, aren’t they being strengthened? And the answer is no. They are being shortened.

Think of what happens when you grip anything. Now that you know that the extensor muscles are actively contracted, ask your self if they are contracting through their full NATURAL range of motion (ROM). Of course you can see they are not. And like any other muscle in the body if it is chronically contracting in a small range of motion, it will eventual build itself weak relative to its potential.

The second problem with chronically shortened and weakened extensor muscles is that they will be overwhelmed by the opposing flexor muscles – that ARE trained through more full of ROM’s during the course of regular grip activities. Imbalance and instability of the joints and structures that the two groups support is inevitable. Thus fingers, thumbs, wrists, carpal tunnels, forearms and elbows are all shortened into a flexed or closed position. The best example of comparison is to say that the imbalance is akin to ‘bad posture’ of the hand wrist & elbow structures. Suggesting that someone use a ‘grip-only’ hand exercise product is like telling someone with bad posture to slouch more. It just does not make sense.

In the old days I would give patients 3 or 4 awkward exercises to do to train these extensor and flexor muscles properly. Only a small percentage would actually do them, so I ecstatic to have access NOW to Handmaster Plus. One easy exercise solves this whole problem… through full natural 3-dimensional ROM’s. Nothing could be easier. Hand exercise has reached its modern place in time.

Click on Handmaster Plus hand exercise system or more information. Click BUY NOW for purchase information. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information or to inquire about distribution.

Now go get those hands, wrists, carpal tunnels & elbows strong, balanced & healthy for a lifetime!

Hand Exercisers for Grip Strength vs. Handmaster Plus

January 28, 2014
Hand exercisers have NOT come a long way in the past 40 years. And that may come as a shock to many people. But once you read about hand grip strength mechanics in sports and everyday activities, you may see why. And you may see why it is time for a change.

hand exercisers

Hand exercise extension

Hand exerciser

Hand exercise flexion

My name is Dr. Terry Zachary and I am the developer of Handmaster Plus.

The hand exerciser that I grew up sensing was the best was the classic coiled hand gripper. Two handles and a coil – and it was tough to move. One handle grip rested on your thumb pad, one in your fingers. Squeeze, release, squeeze, release… as long as you could go! Pretty soon I would be very tired. What a hand exercise workout! I could feel my hand and forearm muscles tighten, so it must be a good exercise – right?

Then as I became interested in competitive golf, the default hand exerciser became… the tennis ball. Being a Canadian, Moe Norman had used this hand exercise approach, so how could it be wrong? Golfers grip the club and this more grip strength. Made sense.

Soon I became aware of the next of the next accepted traditional hand exercisers, the spring loaded gripper. The key difference here was that the user could use each finger separately, if they choose, and hey this would allow me to strengthen specific fingers that are more involved in the golf grip. So wow, it couldn’t get much better than that right?

All of these experiences happened before I went to Palmer College in 1986 and during that time I played on the school’s golf team. Our golf team had a trip through which I would need to miss an x-ray quiz. When I met spoke to Dr. Percuoco about having to miss the quiz, he instead excused me from the quiz in lieu of a report on golfer’s elbow. He had taken the meeting so well that I felt like I would really like to do a good job on the report… and that I did. I was very interested in how muscles and muscle balance affected joint stability, as it is a key topic in being able to reach certain positions in a golf swing. As I researched golfer’s and (and tennis elbow alike) I began to see for myself how important my choice of hand exercisers are to the balance of the elbow… The hand muscles attached at the medial AND lateral elbow. Later I would also see how important hand muscle balance is to finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel & forearm balance too… and to range of motion and performance. Yet it seemed like no one else noticed what seemed to me to be a very obvious anatomy pattern.

The next so-called hand exerciser that drew my attention was the traditional ‘rice-box’ exercise. Yes, a box with rice. Not very sexy. Not very shiny. Not very portable. But for me mechanically this was by far the leading hand exercise because it took into account muscle balance. The hand could nearly fully close (strengthening the flexor and adductor muscles) and more importantly the hand could also open fully (strengthening the key extensors and abductors).

Yet to most athletes, trainers, musicians and lay-people I would observe, the coiled, or spring loaded gripper or stress balls were ALL I saw being used. I knew there was a problem in hand exercise.

It was many years later that my interest in proper grip training re-emerged. I had graduated and been in practise for several years, and I had decided to time away from practise to pursue my dream to play professional golf. During that time a fellow player that I was travelling with had an excruciating case of tennis elbow. Upon taking his history it didn’t take long to find that he was a regular tennis ball squeezer, no opposing extension or abduction exercises. And this trend was standard for all of the mini tour players I talked to. They either did no hand exercise or ‘grip-only’ hand exercise. No one understood the mechanics it seemed.

That is why I designed Handmaster Plus. I rest assured I tried hard to mimic the proper mechanical exercise, yet with a portability factor. Now anyone can use one simple continuous exercise to strengthen and balance all 18 muscles of the hand. The result is strength, stability and performance of the finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm & elbow. The vectors of resistance are accurate and in 3 dimensions. I never mentioned before that coiled hand grippers and the spring loaded hand exercisers work only in 2-dimensions, as well as in grip-only.

When exercising the hand muscles, like any other part of your body, exercise in balance.

For more information, visit Handmaster Plus hand exerciser or contact us at for more information or BUY NOW.

Fox, Taylor, Yazdany (Arthritis For Dummies)

“Strength training exercises and improves the ability of your muscles to do work by increasing the force they can exert (strength) and the length of time that they can exert that force (endurance). If you have arthritis, strength training is particularly important because strong, well-toned muscles and other supporting structures can help absorb the stress and strain placed on your joints. Weak muscles do just the opposite, forcing your joints to bear the brunt of impact, and encouraging joint misalignment and slippage.”
-Fox, Taylor, Yazdany (Arthritis For Dummies)

C. Ted Ostrem (Of Test MedicalSymptoms@Home)

“By strengthening the weaker extensors in the hands and forearms that have been left in a relative state of underdevelopment, the abnormal pressures in the carpal tunnel and on the median nerve are greatly reduced, allowing the body’s natural healing processes to function.”
-C. Ted Ostrem (Of Test MedicalSymptoms@Home)

Nabuleone, gamer

I just bought your Handmaster Plus product, and I must say it is of incredible usefulness to me, being someone who plays computer games at tournaments, hand strength is extremely important… I commend you on your product which has been of immense help to me.
-Nabuleone, gamer


I bought the Handmaster Plus and I have been using it consistently with a day or two days of rest in between each cycle. It has worked wonders for my wrist. After injuring it several times during boxing workouts, I thought it would never be the same. My wrist was very susceptible to injury and nagging pains while picking objects up. Nearly all the components that would cause my wrist pain either don’t or are very minute in comparison to what it once was.

Hugo Sarmento – double bass player

“I found Handmaster Plus after being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Everyone knows double bass is a very physical instrument and requires a lot of strength and muscle balance. Unfortunately weakness and imbalance is a common scenario due to poor muscle formation and musician’s poor awareness of the physical requirements!! Handmaster Plus is now part of my daily routine to establish a proper muscle balance on my hand, wrist and forearm!! Enhancing a musician’s quality of life really is a “Plus”!”
-Hugo Sarmento – double bass player

Jennifer Ryan, entertainer/piano instructor, Vancouver, Canada

The risk of personal injury is always a concern to the musician. In my experience, the use of the Handmaster Plus HHS has lowered the risk while increasing muscle control. In turn, muscle control has given me the important benefit of radically improving my speed, stretch and accuracy. I would strongly recommend the Handmaster Plus HHS to any musician seeking the ultimate performance.”
-Jennifer Ryan, entertainer/piano instructor, Vancouver, Canada

Joseph Palestrini, New York, NY

I recently purchased the Handmaster Plus 3 pack and I am glad that I did. It is a valuable device and worth the low purchase price. I developed Tennis elbow in my right arm and mild CTS in my left hand (due to 2 years of constant, repetitive typing on my computer keyboard.) I have had the TE for over a year, I just couldn’t figure out what it was. I have been exercising and taking martial arts for over 30 years, without an incident. 2 years of several hours a day typing bothered my left hand and right arm, but I hoped it was nothing serious and would go away. Through a ton of research I was able to pinpoint that the problem was Tennis elbow. The Handmaster Plus promotes a real nice finger stretch, wrist workout, and is great for improving blood flow to the forearms. You can feel the ‘pump’ in the forearms immediately. I am using the Handmaster Plus daily to develop my hands, wrists, and forearm strength and conditioning.

I found your videos by accident and am glad that I stumbled upon them. Tennis Elbow and CTS are very serious and painful injuries and can be prevented with proper knowledge and exercise. Thanks for all the work you do in this field.
-Joseph Palestrini, New York, NY

Robert G (Computer Professional)

First of all let me thank you for putting out such a great product. After having years of wrist and forearm issues from ulnar displacement to lateral epicondylitis and dislocated joints, I really didn’t think I would see much of a difference using the Handmaster Plus. Once I learned and realized that the core of my problems was an imbalance of my hand and forearm musculature, it was as if a light bulb went off and I haven’t looked back since. I have more strength now than I ever have had in my arms. Thanks again.
-Robert G


I got these Handmaster Plus balls less than a year ago and they are nothing less than amazing. I got the package of all three strengths and I started on easy because I originally got them because of a finger injury and now I use the hardest one and its awesome. My finger injury is gone.

Gail Mcgilvery, Mississauga, ON Canada

““I wanted to tell you how well the Handmaster works for me. The numbness in my hand disappears when I use it and returns when I don’t…Perhaps I’d better explain to you that I am partially hemiplegic and lean very heavily on my cane for balance, hence the carpal tunnel syndrome, so I really need your Handmaster Plus to keep it at bay.”
-Gail Mcgilvery, Mississauga, ON Canada

Muriel Patterson, UK

“I have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and offered surgery for it but was given no guarantee that surgery would give me pain relief. There are inevitable risks with surgery and given that there was the chance of no pain relief either, I did not want to go down that line. I was having very disturbed sleep at night and suffering so much pain that in desperation I looked in the web sites for alternative treatment and found The Handmaster from Gaiam. It was the answer to my problem. I am the living proof that it really does work. After using it for a short time I found great relief from pain and I’m now sleeping normally. I am so thankful to The Handmaster.” – Muriel Patterson, UK

Ross “Rosco” Halcrow (Professional Yachtsman)

“Repetitive flexion imbalances and injuries are an inherent part of our sport. Dr. Zachary gives us a magnificent solution to this problem with the Handmaster Plus. It is super-effective and so easy to incorporate into my training.” -Ross “Rosco” Halcrow, Trimmer, Team New Zealand America’s Cup Champions 1995; Illbruck, 2002 Volvo Race Round the World Champions; currently Oracle team member.

VOID (guitar player for ‘The Envy’)

“I’ve struggled with symptoms of tendonitis for years while touring and was looking for the solution in all kind of hand strengtheners. I found that all of them made my condition worse and for a guitarist, this is a career killer. After stumbling upon the Handmaster Plus, I can truly say that it is the best product for prevention and treatment of tendonitis. My symptoms were gone after only ONE WEEK of use and I’ve never had a problem since.”
-VOID (guitar player for ‘The Envy’)

Medium Handmaster Plus

hand & finger strength exercisemed HC

Handmaster Plus Medium simplifies grip performance training, hand muscle strengthening, and general wellness. If you use your hands to grip or grasp in sports, music, workplace, or hobby, hand muscle imbalance is a GIVEN, not a MAYBE – and your health & performance are both at risk. Handmaster Plus Medium is perfect for late-stage post-treatment recovery exercise from all finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm & elbow conditions and is your super-easy hand and grip strength training, performance, and muscle balance solution in:

  • Sports Performance & Grip Strength Training Exercises for the Fingers, Thumb, Hand, Wrist, Forearm & Elbow (i.e., golf, tennis, baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, gymnastics, climbing, mountain biking, combat sports, esports, etc.)
  • Music Performance Training Exercises for the Fingers, Thumb, Hand, Wrist, Forearm & Elbow (guitar & string instruments (mandolin, ukelele, violin, bass, cello, harp, etc), piano, keyboards/organ, wind instruments (trumpet, trombone, saxophone, flute, recorder, etc.), drums & percussion, DJ.
  • Workplace Ergonomic Training (tradespeople, surgeons, dentists, dental hygienists, butchers, chefs, massage therapists, assembly line, truckers, barbers & beauticians, bartenders, etc.)
  • Computer Workers
  • Smartphones & Video Games
  • Hobby (sewing, crafts, gardeners, etc.)

Firm Handmaster Plus

firm HCfirm HO

Handmaster Plus Firm is your advanced hand exercise, grip strength training, and hand muscle balancing solution… specifically for individuals who desire another step beyond Handmaster Plus Medium. But first, be sure to master the use of Handmaster Plus Medium easily through FULL ranges of motion (i.e., the hand closes and opens FULLY alternating 1 second each) for one minute without pain or fatigue before advancing to Handmaster Plus Firm.
Professionally recommended for advanced finger, thumb, hand, wrist, and forearm exercise and grip strength training in Sports, Music, Fitness, and the Workplace.

Soft Handmaster Plus

soft HCsoft HO

Handmaster Plus Soft makes entry-level finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel and elbow training easy, enjoyable & controlled, providing a convenient, complete & cost-effective take-home exercise for athletes, musicians, patients & health care & fitness professionals.
Perfect for general weakness, workplace injury prevention & early stage post-treatment exercise recovery from all finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm & elbow conditions including:

  • RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis, Dupuytren’s contracture
  • Tennis elbow / golfer’s elbow / cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Sprains, strains, bruises, weakness, stiffness, finger & thumb jams
  • Post-surgery, post-treatment, at-home recovery
  • Arthritis / osteoporosis
  • Stroke rehab, RSD & neurological concerns
  • Diabetes, Raynaud’s, lymph drainage & circulatory concerns

Kris Buxenbaum (Movement Specialist)

“I can’t praise this product enough! As a motor learning/movement specialist I find this product helps my clients identify a lot of “sleeping” muscles and return them into the kinetic chain while achieving muscular balance, and alleviating pain. I will keep you up to date on client results…I’m a fan…”
– Kris Buxenbaum, Strivers Fitness – Manhattan, NY

Jim Karn (Elite Climber)

Climbers typically have overdeveloped flexor muscles and underdeveloped extensors. The Handmaster Plus hand strengthening device is the only product I have ever seen that effectively balances the muscles of the hand, wrist and forearm to rehabilitate or prevent these injuries. The Handmaster Plus is an essential tool for serious climbers.”
-Jim Karn, Multiple U.S. National Climbing Champion

Vanessa Anderson (Chiropractor)

“The Handmaster Plus hand therapy device is simple to use, easy to explain and affordable to anyone. My patients love it. They take it home with them…and they actually use it! I recommend it to everyone to keep their hands, wrists, carpal tunnels and elbows balanced, healthy and feeling great.”
-Dr. Vanessa Anderson, (chiropractor) Moline, IL USA