Understanding Hand Exercise & Grip (Part 1) – The 9 Muscles That Close The Hand

My name is Dr. Terry Zachary. I’ve been involved specifically in grip and hand muscle training for over 25 years. In applications ranging from sports, music, therapy, the workplace, hobby & modern electronics, I can’t say strongly enough how important I …

The Best Hand Exercise To Strengthen Grip Looks Round, Not Flat – Like Eratosthenes Said of The Earth

When I first started talking about how poorly hand muscles and hand exercise was understood by the masses – both amateurs and professionals… as well as health and fitness professionals – people reacted about the same way as I pictured …

Hand Exercise & Grip Mechanics

It is important to understand grip mechanics. The health of your fingers, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel & elbow depends on it! But the mechanics of grip are largely unknown, even in professional circles. The proof of this statement is …

Basketball Shooting Technique Drill Allows Best Ball Control & Backspin

Basketball shooting mechanics are affected directly by how the athlete uses drills and trains and develops his or her body – to be specific, the grip. Each player is slightly different by Nature, yes, but each player can also strive to understand …

Hand Exercise for Grip Strength & Balance – Nature Always Knows

Nature Always Knows. Grip strength is not super-complicated, but if you are like most (even most health & fitness professionals), grip strength and hand exercise training is not what you think. You see, grip strength and hand exercise training have …

Treatment For Dupuytren’s Contracture

Although the standard causal default suspicion of Dupuytren’s Contracture (DC) is usually ‘genetic,’ I strongly feel this is a historical cop out, or at the very least, merely a thread in the fabric of the condition. The usual treatment for Dupuytren’s …

Finger and Hand Exercises for Osteoarthritis

Regain Your Hand Strength & Range of Motion Many people with osteoarthritis are instructed by so-called experts to exercise the hand in a grip-only approach to regain back blood flow and muscle loss. Unfortunately grip-only habits may have contributed to their arthritic condition in …

Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts – Easy Finger, Thumb, Hand & Wrist Rehabilitation

Proper attention to finger, thumb, hand and wrist training is omitted in a lot of athletic training programs in grip related sports… but in contact sports, this training IS essential. ‘Training’ means training for everything: strength, wellness, balance, ROM (range …

Hand Grip Exercises Made Simple Using Handmaster Plus

The proper training of the 18 hand muscles can only be done one way – the right way! Hand grip exercises must simply be done through full, natural, 3-dimensional ranges of motion – with resistance. Simple, right? Handmaster Plus.

Hand Exercise Neglect – A Convenience Issue?

January 31, 2014

When I first started thinking about hand exercise, I was as a young athlete growing up in my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. My early sports loves were hockey and golf. In fact they still are. And both were very much grip related sports. I had to learn about hand exercise.

Hand Exercise & Finger Extensors

January 30, 2014

Hand exercise (and hand exercisers) has neglected the value of strengthening the finger extensors for the past 40 years. Has this been a grave mistake? I think so. And our sEMG (electromyography) studies prove it over and over again.

Hand Exercisers for Grip Strength vs. Handmaster Plus

January 28, 2014
Hand exercisers have NOT come a long way in the past 40 years. And that may come as a shock to many people. But once you read about hand grip strength mechanics in sports and everyday activities, you may see why. And you may see why it is time for a change.