Fox, Taylor, Yazdany (Arthritis For Dummies)

“Strength training exercises and improves the ability of your muscles to do work by increasing the force they can exert (strength) and the length of time that they can exert that force (endurance). If you have arthritis, strength training is particularly important because strong, well-toned muscles and other supporting structures can help absorb the stress and strain placed on your joints. Weak muscles do just the opposite, forcing your joints to bear the brunt of impact, and encouraging joint misalignment and slippage.”
-Fox, Taylor, Yazdany (Arthritis For Dummies)

C. Ted Ostrem (Of Test MedicalSymptoms@Home)

“By strengthening the weaker extensors in the hands and forearms that have been left in a relative state of underdevelopment, the abnormal pressures in the carpal tunnel and on the median nerve are greatly reduced, allowing the body’s natural healing processes to function.”
-C. Ted Ostrem (Of Test MedicalSymptoms@Home)

Nabuleone, gamer

I just bought your Handmaster Plus product, and I must say it is of incredible usefulness to me, being someone who plays computer games at tournaments, hand strength is extremely important… I commend you on your product which has been of immense help to me.
-Nabuleone, gamer


I bought the Handmaster Plus and I have been using it consistently with a day or two days of rest in between each cycle. It has worked wonders for my wrist. After injuring it several times during boxing workouts, I thought it would never be the same. My wrist was very susceptible to injury and nagging pains while picking objects up. Nearly all the components that would cause my wrist pain either don’t or are very minute in comparison to what it once was.

Hugo Sarmento – double bass player

“I found Handmaster Plus after being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Everyone knows double bass is a very physical instrument and requires a lot of strength and muscle balance. Unfortunately weakness and imbalance is a common scenario due to poor muscle formation and musician’s poor awareness of the physical requirements!! Handmaster Plus is now part of my daily routine to establish a proper muscle balance on my hand, wrist and forearm!! Enhancing a musician’s quality of life really is a “Plus”!”
-Hugo Sarmento – double bass player

Jennifer Ryan, entertainer/piano instructor, Vancouver, Canada

The risk of personal injury is always a concern to the musician. In my experience, the use of the Handmaster Plus HHS has lowered the risk while increasing muscle control. In turn, muscle control has given me the important benefit of radically improving my speed, stretch and accuracy. I would strongly recommend the Handmaster Plus HHS to any musician seeking the ultimate performance.”
-Jennifer Ryan, entertainer/piano instructor, Vancouver, Canada

Joseph Palestrini, New York, NY

I recently purchased the Handmaster Plus 3 pack and I am glad that I did. It is a valuable device and worth the low purchase price. I developed Tennis elbow in my right arm and mild CTS in my left hand (due to 2 years of constant, repetitive typing on my computer keyboard.) I have had the TE for over a year, I just couldn’t figure out what it was. I have been exercising and taking martial arts for over 30 years, without an incident. 2 years of several hours a day typing bothered my left hand and right arm, but I hoped it was nothing serious and would go away. Through a ton of research I was able to pinpoint that the problem was Tennis elbow. The Handmaster Plus promotes a real nice finger stretch, wrist workout, and is great for improving blood flow to the forearms. You can feel the ‘pump’ in the forearms immediately. I am using the Handmaster Plus daily to develop my hands, wrists, and forearm strength and conditioning.

I found your videos by accident and am glad that I stumbled upon them. Tennis Elbow and CTS are very serious and painful injuries and can be prevented with proper knowledge and exercise. Thanks for all the work you do in this field.
-Joseph Palestrini, New York, NY

Robert G (Computer Professional)

First of all let me thank you for putting out such a great product. After having years of wrist and forearm issues from ulnar displacement to lateral epicondylitis and dislocated joints, I really didn’t think I would see much of a difference using the Handmaster Plus. Once I learned and realized that the core of my problems was an imbalance of my hand and forearm musculature, it was as if a light bulb went off and I haven’t looked back since. I have more strength now than I ever have had in my arms. Thanks again.
-Robert G


I got these Handmaster Plus balls less than a year ago and they are nothing less than amazing. I got the package of all three strengths and I started on easy because I originally got them because of a finger injury and now I use the hardest one and its awesome. My finger injury is gone.

Gail Mcgilvery, Mississauga, ON Canada

““I wanted to tell you how well the Handmaster works for me. The numbness in my hand disappears when I use it and returns when I don’t…Perhaps I’d better explain to you that I am partially hemiplegic and lean very heavily on my cane for balance, hence the carpal tunnel syndrome, so I really need your Handmaster Plus to keep it at bay.”
-Gail Mcgilvery, Mississauga, ON Canada

Muriel Patterson, UK

“I have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and offered surgery for it but was given no guarantee that surgery would give me pain relief. There are inevitable risks with surgery and given that there was the chance of no pain relief either, I did not want to go down that line. I was having very disturbed sleep at night and suffering so much pain that in desperation I looked in the web sites for alternative treatment and found The Handmaster from Gaiam. It was the answer to my problem. I am the living proof that it really does work. After using it for a short time I found great relief from pain and I’m now sleeping normally. I am so thankful to The Handmaster.” – Muriel Patterson, UK

Ross “Rosco” Halcrow (Professional Yachtsman)

“Repetitive flexion imbalances and injuries are an inherent part of our sport. Dr. Zachary gives us a magnificent solution to this problem with the Handmaster Plus. It is super-effective and so easy to incorporate into my training.” -Ross “Rosco” Halcrow, Trimmer, Team New Zealand America’s Cup Champions 1995; Illbruck, 2002 Volvo Race Round the World Champions; currently Oracle team member.

VOID (guitar player for ‘The Envy’)

“I’ve struggled with symptoms of tendonitis for years while touring and was looking for the solution in all kind of hand strengtheners. I found that all of them made my condition worse and for a guitarist, this is a career killer. After stumbling upon the Handmaster Plus, I can truly say that it is the best product for prevention and treatment of tendonitis. My symptoms were gone after only ONE WEEK of use and I’ve never had a problem since.”
-VOID (guitar player for ‘The Envy’)

Kris Buxenbaum (Movement Specialist)

“I can’t praise this product enough! As a motor learning/movement specialist I find this product helps my clients identify a lot of “sleeping” muscles and return them into the kinetic chain while achieving muscular balance, and alleviating pain. I will keep you up to date on client results…I’m a fan…”
– Kris Buxenbaum, Strivers Fitness – Manhattan, NY

Jim Karn (Elite Climber)

Climbers typically have overdeveloped flexor muscles and underdeveloped extensors. The Handmaster Plus hand strengthening device is the only product I have ever seen that effectively balances the muscles of the hand, wrist and forearm to rehabilitate or prevent these injuries. The Handmaster Plus is an essential tool for serious climbers.”
-Jim Karn, Multiple U.S. National Climbing Champion

Vanessa Anderson (Chiropractor)

“The Handmaster Plus hand therapy device is simple to use, easy to explain and affordable to anyone. My patients love it. They take it home with them…and they actually use it! I recommend it to everyone to keep their hands, wrists, carpal tunnels and elbows balanced, healthy and feeling great.”
-Dr. Vanessa Anderson, (chiropractor) Moline, IL USA