Handmaster Plus CHALLENGE (3-For-1)!

Why are we offering to send you a coupon code that gives you 3 sets of medium strength Handmaster Plus for the price of 1? (It’s certainly not smart business!!)

Why? (see video below on this page) Because it’s time! We want to PROVE to you that hand exercise has been stuck in the dark ages for many decades! We’ll show you why the training of this particular area has been historically off the mark… and needs to be corrected. The consequences have affected nearly everyone. And we’ll show you exactly how to get back on track.

In short, we developed the Handmaster Plus CHALLENGE because we want you to experience Handmaster Plus for yourself. We want you to experience proper, complete, full range of motion hand exercise… and ALL of its benefits. You’ll be glad you did!

Hand muscles are diverse. There are 18 in total. 9 muscles are on the front of hand, wrist, forearm & elbow. These CLOSE the hand. 9 muscles are on the back of hand, wrist, forearm & elbow. These OPEN the hand. They must all be kept strong, healthy, and balanced.

Proper hand exercise is VITAL for health & performance. It affects the function and stability of the fingers, thumbs, hands, wrists, carpal tunnels, forearms, and elbows, as well as general circulation, nerve stimulation, your ability to heal, and quite possibly lymph drainage for overall wellness (see video below on this page).

Yet, the health & performance benefits of hand exercise have been virtually ignored in health and fitness… WHY? because hand exercise has never been done correctly.

If you depend on your hands for your sport, musical pursuit, workplace, and/or hobby, or if you’ve been injured, or if you are a health or fitness expert, take the Handmaster Plus CHALLENGE. Feel IT for yourself. Know IT for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

We’ll warn you now… this is a long video, but the history of poor exercise is much much longer. And the need to wisen up is long overdo! Click to watch.

Hand exercise has historically been – and still is – stuck in the dark ages as a repetitive ‘grip-ONLY’ action. Spring-loaded, coiled devices, and grippers have populated gyms and drawers for ions. And what do we have to show for it? Imbalance.

Handmaster Plus makes proper exercise a REALITY. You can now cooperate with the natural design of your hands, through FULL ranges of opening, spreading and closing with an item that is easier to use than any grip device. And the workout will blow you away! Be ready for 2x the muscle output you have ever felt before. Be ready for easy strength, stability, health & performance. Be ready!

Handmaster Plus means is strength, balance, speed, coordination and EXTRAORDINARY blood flow to and from the whole upper extremity. As we have said, that means better performance & stability! …And better lymph drainage also for you health nuts!

Sign up NOW, get your coupon code and start doing REAL HAND EXERCISE… finally!

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