Handmaster Plus – The Complete All-In-One Hand Exerciser

9 muscles close the hand (finger flexors) and 9 muscles open the hand (finger extensors). Handmaster Plus allows the user to easily strengthen and balance all 18 muscles of the hand, in one easy exercise. No more bulky complicated hand exercise routines. No more excuses. Choose a hand exerciser that is complete and specific in regards to resistance… Your hand health, strength and performance depends on it!

Modern Hand Exerciser

Finger extensors (hand opening muscles), located generally on the back of the hand, wrist & elbow, contract aggressively to support any finger, hand or grip action. Every time the fingers or hands grip, flex or move, the finger extensors are activated – just as much as much as the finger flexors. Therefore, BOTH muscle groups (or bands, or chains) must be strong to attain strong stable grip and hand action. This is accomplished via healthy & balanced hand exercise through full, natural ranges of motion (ROM). Handmaster Plus was designed because no one hand exerciser could address these fundamental grip strength mechanics. The result was timely, tedious hand exercise routines in training and rehabilitation. Athletes and patients would rarely comply and continue.

Because little attention has historically been placed on the basic kinetic chain stabilizing role of the finger extensor muscles, imbalance, performance limitation and injury have been rampant in sports, music and ergonomics. Extensor muscles have been dangerously under-trained or omitted by any traditional hand exerciser – an error that costs industry billions of dollars per year that could easily be solved using Handmaster Plus

Traditional Hand Exerciser Mechanics

Traditional hand exerciser approaches included a ‘rice box’ application, whereby the patient immersed his or her hand in the rice box, then opened and closed naturally against the resistance of the rice. Limitations to the exercise (and the inconvenience of carrying a rice box around) rendered it nearly extinct as a popular hand exerciser. Handmaster Plus is the vital and convenient evolvement of the basic rice box idea of natural full ROM resistance. Handmaster Plus still allows flexors and extensors to be trained through full natural ranges of motion, but it is extremely easy to carry and use. Handmaster Plus also allows training of the important finger abductor muscles, vital in preventing and rehabilitating carpal tunnel syndrome.

Your Hand Exerciser Must Be Specific

Your hand exerciser must also be suited exactly for you and your needs. Handmaster Plus offers 3 separate strengths as well as a complete 3-pack set (all strengths (see store)). The 3-pack set allows interchangeability of the finger cords and balls depending on your specific strength in each area of the hand (extensors and abductors vs. flexors and adductors). Individually, the Handmaster Plus soft should be selected for those who are at an entry level of hand strength, or who have arthritis, have suffered a stroke or are looking for a controlled early stage rehabilitation exercise (post-surgery, post-fracture, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome, DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis, jammed finger or jammed thumb, Dupuytren’s contracture, etc). Handmaster Plus medium is designed as a wellness hand exercise, or for late stage rehabilitation or early stage hand strength training. Handmaster Plus firm is for advanced hand strength training only. Handmaster Plus medium is strongly recommended as a prerequisite to using the firm strength.

Handmaster Plus hand exerciser strengthens all 9 finger extensors (hand opening muscles) AS WELL AS all 9 finger flexors (hand closing muscles) through full, natural, 3-dimensional ROM’s. It is fully customizable to suit your specific needs. The result is maximum strength, balance & circulation from the tips of your fingers to your elbow. Handmaster Plus was rated the #1 rated complete hand exerciser on the market today.

Handmaster Plus Hand Exerciser Soft

Handmaster Plus Hand Exerciser – soft

Handmaster Plus Medium hand exerciser

Handmaster Plus Hand Exerciser – medium

Handmaster Plus firm hand exerciser

Handmaster Plus Hand Exerciser – firm