Joseph Palestrini, New York, NY

I recently purchased the Handmaster Plus 3 pack and I am glad that I did. It is a valuable device and worth the low purchase price. I developed Tennis elbow in my right arm and mild CTS in my left hand (due to 2 years of constant, repetitive typing on my computer keyboard.) I have had the TE for over a year, I just couldn’t figure out what it was. I have been exercising and taking martial arts for over 30 years, without an incident. 2 years of several hours a day typing bothered my left hand and right arm, but I hoped it was nothing serious and would go away. Through a ton of research I was able to pinpoint that the problem was Tennis elbow. The Handmaster Plus promotes a real nice finger stretch, wrist workout, and is great for improving blood flow to the forearms. You can feel the ‘pump’ in the forearms immediately. I am using the Handmaster Plus daily to develop my hands, wrists, and forearm strength and conditioning.

I found your videos by accident and am glad that I stumbled upon them. Tennis Elbow and CTS are very serious and painful injuries and can be prevented with proper knowledge and exercise. Thanks for all the work you do in this field.
-Joseph Palestrini, New York, NY