Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts – Easy Finger, Thumb, Hand & Wrist Rehabilitation

Proper attention to finger, thumb, hand and wrist training is omitted in a lot of athletic training programs in grip related sports… but in contact sports, this training IS essential. ‘Training’ means training for everything: strength, wellness, balance, ROM (range of motion), blood flow, injury rehabilitation (both old and new)¬†and injury prevention.

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Boxing finger, Thumb & Hand Rehabilitation Made Simple Using Handmaster Plus

Boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts) are two disciplines that cannot afford to leave finger, thumb, hand & wrist training out. Nagging, distracting old injuries are commonplace during training between fights. Advanced healing is essential so that old injuries do not show their face at the worst time… at a competition or in final preparation for a competition. That is why full ROM finger, thumb, hand and wrist training is essential for strength, balance, blood flow and maximum healing throughout the year for a boxer or MMA athlete. Grip-only, small ROM training is just not enough. Why stimulate such a small number of muscles through such a small ROM? Traditionally, ‘grip-only’ hand exercise and strength training has been accepted… but now we know more. The gig is up. Small ROM means muscle weakness and imbalance; and poor blood flow needed for continual repair of bones, ligament and soft tissue.

When I first started training athletes for proper grip, I used multiple exercises to address the 18 hand muscles (9 muscles close the hand, 9 muscles open the hand), but the athletes just wouldn’t comply. So many exercises…so little time! I designed Handmaster Plus so that all athletes can train all 18 hand muscles through full ROM’s in ONE easy exercise. No more excuses for not being your best where the fingers, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel and elbow are involved. Pretty amazing that this area is not a huge focus when the difference between a win and a loss can be determined by such a easy prep error.

We now work with boxers and MMA athletes around the world as their source for hand exercise, health, strength, wellness maintenance and old injury rehabilitation. Tomi Tatham is on his way back into the ring. Let your boxer or MMA fighter know that easy, complete rehabilitation and strengthening help is readily and conveniently available.

Dr. Terry Zachary is the developer of Handmaster Plus and is passionate about proper, balanced training and maximum performance using natural fundamental laws. Handmaster Plus strengthens the 9 muscles that close the hand as well as the 9 muscles that open the hand through full, natural ROM’s… all in one easy, complete exercise.