Let’s begin to TRULY understand the hand and grip muscles. These 27 key muscles directly affect the health & performance of the fingers, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm & elbow.

9 muscles CLOSE the hand.
9 muscles OPEN the hand.
9 muscles CONTROL the position of the hand.

Handmaster Plus EASILY trains & balances all 27. It’s that simple.

“Proper, complete hand exercise not only leads to your best grip strength & performance, but also stimulates circulation (including lymph drainage) for better post-injury recovery, as well as mental & emotional health. Grip strength has even been shown in mulitple studies to be directly correlated to life longevity. Hand exercise is vital for your health & performance. “
– Dr. Terry Zachary

Handmaster Plus Is…

 A complete, convenient finger, thumb, hand & wrist exerciser
 A grip strengthener that addresses the entire kinetic chain of grip
 A powerful & easy-to-use post-treatment recovery exercise
 A key ergonomic, circulatory & lymph drainage exercise
 Handmaster Plus is Rated #1 as ‘the most complete, convenient & cost-effective finger, thumb, hand & wrist exerciser on the market.’ 

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