Finger and Hand Exercises for Osteoarthritis

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Regain Your Hand Strength & Range of Motion

Many people with osteoarthritis are instructed by so-called experts to exercise the hand in a grip-only approach to regain back blood flow and muscle loss. Unfortunately grip-only habits may have contributed to their arthritic condition in the first place. This is the reason we often say that stress balls (grip balls) cause stress. The natural motion of the hand is fully open and spread, and fully closed. If you want an effective exercise to combat arthritis, move the hand through its full range of motion. First start without Handmaster Plus. If that is too easy, move to Handmaster Plus SOFT, next (if necessary) Handmaster Plus MEDIUM.

Fundamentals of the Handmaster PLUS

Handmaster Plus allows the hand, fingers and thumb to move through through their full natural, 3-dimensional range of motion resulting is best case scenario blood flow improvements, in turn creating maximum repair and restoration.

The Science Behind It

Full range of motion exercises stimulate blood flow and can help you restore and maintain function in your arthritic hands. This will help with pinching, opening jars, opening doors, and carrying. With our product being rated #1 in the market, you can feel confident now knowing there is a safe, complete, controlled solution to your osteoarthritis. Be sure to contact your health care professional before starting Handmaster Plus… start without resistance, then move to SOFT, the move to MEDIUM, if necessary

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